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Pest Control Initial Cleanout

ONLY $92.35!* *PLUS SALES TAX Before You Move In, we will: Treat your home inside and out for general pests, Provide localized treatment for structure infesting ants, Warranty our treatment for 90 days (excluding ants)

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What is a Pest Control Cleanout? 

The number one dreaded issue in any home is probably cockroaches, and the worst of the worst is the German Cockroach. Why are they such a problem? German Cockroaches can and will get into everything. They love to hind in cracks and crevices, and they multiply very quickly. They can survive for months without food and up to two weeks without water. If you see one cockroach, be assured that there are more! Lots more! 

What can we do about cockroaches and other unwanted bugs? After you purchase your new home, and before you move in, we can come in and spray insecticides. To do a real thorough job the chemicals need to be sprayed in the back of cabinets and drawers, in corners, around the refrigerator and stove, and all around the baseboards. Since the job is best done with no dishes or linens in the way, we want to get in there before your household goods arrive. 

The pest control technician treats the pest problem (or potential pest problem) in full, using a full range of insecticides: liquid insecticides in an actisol machine, dry bait, and insect growth regulators. 

Available NOW

Texas Termite Terminators is available for wood destroying insect inspections. The termite inspector sets his inspection schedule for the day, after he receives the job notifications at 7:30pm the evening before the inspection. His routing is determined by factors such as the number of jobs he has that day, the locations of those jobs, and Houston traffic patterns. He will be at your inspection on the same day, but may not be there at the same time as the home inspector.

During our cleanout service we will

  • Treat your home inside and out (including the attic and garage) for general pests like roaches, crickets, silverfish and spiders 

  • Provide localized treatment for structure infesting ants 

  • Warranty our treatment for 90 days (warranty excludes spiders) 

  • We don’t require service agreements or contracts, but we do recommend regular future service. General pest control products only last 8 weeks or so. After that time your home is open to new infestation.

  • Cleanout 2023

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