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Pest Control Insulation Houston, TX

Protecting Out-Of-Reach Areas Of Your Houston Home

No one enjoys laying in bed at night and hearing scratching sounds coming from the attic or feeling drafty spots throughout the home. Unfortunately, this is what happens when your insulation is not properly maintained. The attic is a common hot spot for pest activity in any home, and when pests get in and damage your insulation, many problems abound. Also, heat rises, and, in most cases, your ductwork runs through your attic; if your attic insulation is not properly and regularly maintained, you may experience inconsistent temperatures from room to room.

If you notice these temperature changes in your home, the likely reason is that pests have damaged your attic insulation or the insulation is in poor condition. Insulation repairs should always be addressed immediately by a professional. Here at Texas Termite Terminators, attic insulation and exclusion services are our specialties! We remove insulation contaminated by mice, rats, raccoons, and other household pests that frequent homes in our area. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and expert services grounded in our relationship with our community, we will make your attic look brand new again. Reach out today to get your free inspection!

Our Houston, TX Pest Control Insulation Service

At Texas Termite Terminators, we are experts in insulation services for Houston homeowners. Our pest control insulation program includes remediation, disinfection, and sanitation from the pests that threaten your living space. Before we outline our insulation services, let's review some of the different creatures that you might find roaming in your attic:

  • Mice: In general, rodents desire to chew on objects in your home to maintain their ever-growing front incisors. This habit makes the mouse a dangerous threat to your attic insulation.

  • a raccoon in an attic space in home
  • Opossums: This pest is not a rodent but a marsupial. Opossums prefer dry, warm spaces for refuge, making them frequent inhabitants of attics.

  • Rats: Norway rats and roof rats are Houston's two most common rat species. These rodents are larger than mice and just as troublesome for your insulation and other personal property.

  • Raccoons: Smaller wildlife species such as raccoons get into area homes by way of the attic. Raccoons can be unpredictable, and you should never approach them without the help of a trained professional.

  • We begin our insulation service with a remediation treatment. Our team will remove insulation contaminated by droppings or urine and blow back in 12 inches. Depending on the extent of your insulation issues, we may instead opt to leave what's up there, disinfect, and sanitize your attic. We will blow back in four inches on top of what you currently have. You can learn more about our insulation offerings by reaching out today.

    Additional Services We Offer

    No two pest problems are alike, and as a local, family owned, and operated pest control company, Texas Termite Terminators understands the unique pest problems that homeowners in our community face. That's why we offer a variety of pest control services that make the perfect complement to our pest control insulation treatment:

  • DSV Treatments: Our Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Viricide program is perfect in attics where pest contamination is a concern.

  • Exclusion Work: We seal areas where pests can easily get into your home and a flush-out service to ensure no pests remain in your home prior to our comprehensive exclusion work.

  • German Cockroach Control: Our Houston German cockroach control plan includes a full cleanout using a variety of methods such as gel baits, dusting, and sprays where needed.

  • Termite & WDI Services: We provide reliable termite control treatments and wood-destroying insect reports (WDIR) for homeowners and potential homebuyers in our community.

  • Get started with a free inspection today or if you have any questions about our Houston, TX home pest control programs, contact us today.

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    Texas Termite Terminators is a division of Fox Home Inspection Group here in Houston, TX. Whether your attic has problems with rodents, local wildlife, or other unwanted residents, or you just need some standard attic insulation services to help with heating and cooling your home, Texas Termite Terminators can certainly handle that. Family-owned and operating locally out of Houston, we offer several affordable and reliable programs for Houston's toughest pest problems.

    When you want to know what to do about termites, or you're wondering if you should be worried about rodents in your Houston home, reach out to Texas Termite Terminators. We will provide the effective home pest control, commercial exterminator services, and pest insulation programs necessary to protect your property and its occupants. Contact us today for a free attic insulation inspection!

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