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Mosquito Control In Houston, Texas

Making Your Houston Yard A Pleasant Place To Spend Time

Nothing ruins a pleasant evening outside faster than a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. You can light all the citronella candles you want, but once those pests discover your presence, you will not deter them from an evening meal. These pests leave you with only a few choices; either put up with being bitten dozens of times, dress in clothing from head to toe to hide as much skin as possible, or admit defeat and head indoors. If none of these options appeal to you, there is another way.

Fighting mosquitoes doesn’t have to be a losing battle. While you can find many DIY mosquito control methods online that will offer you varying degrees of success in reducing the mosquitoes on your property, the best option is the one that delivers consistent results so that you can enjoy your yard no matter the time of day. Texas Termite Terminators provides Houston properties with the installation and maintenance of mosquito misting systems so that you can enjoy your property all year long.

Mosquito Control From Texas Termite Terminators

At Texas Termite Terminators, we don’t want to provide you with temporary solutions to your mosquito problems. Instead, we offer a long-term solution to keep the number of mosquitoes around your property as low as possible all season long with no work required on your part.

We’ll begin with an inspection of your property to determine what areas of your yard would most benefit from the system. Once our assessment is complete, we’ll recommend the placement of our system based on which sites have the most mosquito activity, what areas you use most often, and a few other factors. We’ll then install the system. Our mosquito misting system can take anywhere from half a day to two full days to install, depending on the size of your property.

mosquitoes swarming in a yard

The system works by spraying a mist to the surrounding areas on a preprogrammed schedule. It can also be activated at other times if you notice an increase in mosquito activity or if you have a special outdoor event that you want to make sure isn’t ruined by mosquitoes. The mist eliminates the adult mosquitoes that come in contact with it but is safe for beneficial insects.

Our mosquito misting system service includes regular maintenance of the system. We’ll return to your property bimonthly or quarterly to rinse the system, flush the lines, service the nozzles, ensure everything is working as it should be, do any necessary repairs, and refill the barrels with product. 

Full-Service Mosquito Control For Your Houston Property

Dealing with mosquitoes is not only annoying but also dangerous. To avoid mosquito bites and the diseases those bites can spread, you need the full-service mosquito control offered by Texas Termite Terminators. We will take care of all aspects of your mosquito control, from inspecting your yard to installing the system to ensuring the system always works as effectively as possible. To begin enjoying your yard again, contact us today and get started with our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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